how to start a podcast

how to start a podcast

Are you thinking of making a podcast or want to know where to start it? If yes, this podcast guide will help you in every step of it. What is a podcast, why do you make it, what is the use of it? All these questions are going to be revealed here today.

This is our table index that will help you understand what questions this post is going to address here.

  1. What is a podcast?
  2. How to make a podcast?
  3. Podcast Length
  4. How to create a title?
  5. Which equipment you may need the most?
  6. Where to buy Hosting and Domains for yourself?
  7. Where to get media hosting?

What is Podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file of various episodes that the producer records in his own words, and the listener listens to a wide variety of devices by downloading them to a device or installing an application.

The number of podcast creators is 2 percent of the number of bloggers, but the demand for podcasts has increased significantly every year. So there is a lot of opportunities to become a Podcaster.


How to Make a Podcast?

You may have to work very hard to create a podcast because it requires a thorough drawing of a topic, where to begin, and how it will end. After this, how many episodes will be there, and on which platform would you like to take it, etc?

After that know how we will make it – as a freelancer, a business, or on our own. If you know about it, then you will be able to find your subject very quickly and fast.

For example, a professional chooses a work that involves his mind and has the right knowledge. Don’t understand, let’s go a little deeper.

If I am a trainer, I will tell my fitness tips and healthy diet in which the target users will be – weight loss, weight gainers, exercise, body fit, and healthy / dieting food, etc.

Let’s know: Linux and Widnows Hosting

Decide a length of Podcast

Podcast-timing Yes! This is very important because an inquisitive person will only want to listen to you when he can give him that much time. A longer time can bore the listener, so it is best to keep the podcast-timing between 15 and 45 minutes.

Time also depends on how much time you are giving in each of your aspects. If you finish a big thing within a few minutes, then there is no justification for making a podcast of 15 minutes. Therefore, keep pace with your speech and time.

How to select a Podcast title?

The main purpose of choosing the title here is to attract the audience so that they hear you, they share it & they talk about it.

If I want to bring my personality into an avatar, I would like to keep the title “My Persona”, “Our Breathtaking Trip ” or “My 36 Years” etc.

If my podcast is based on film-like horror then it’s “Frightening Eye” “Anti-Zone” etc.

I hope that the idea of this small title will help you to find a very good title for your post.

Which equipment you may need the most?

Here, I will try to tell you all the necessary tools for podcasts that will help you from beginning to end.

Podcast Cover: The outer cover has its toughness that can attract anyone’s eyes. So you must create a beautiful cover for your podcast.

If you have no experience in designing, then you can take the help of online services in which you will get all kinds of services from free to paid.

Intro with music: Beginning your podcast, your introduction will help explain what the listener is going to listen to, and by whom. It also makes you a better spokesperson.

It does not end here, you have to choose a background sound for it, it is something like singing with the music.

Here some free music sites

  1. ccMixter
  2. Incompetech
  3. Jamendo
  4. Musopen

Microphone: Here it will be in the mind of some that we can put audio in the laptop also through the headphones. But the audio quality that you can get in a microphone and will never be found in it.

Here some cheap microphones for podcasting (USB based Microphone)

  1. Blue Yeti
  2. FIFINE Metal Condenser Recording
  3. Rode NT-USB Condenser
  4. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser

Recording & Editing Software: You will also need software to merge and edit two or more voices and voice effects simultaneously. If you have never used any software, do not be afraid. Tours, guides, videos, etc. are provided by the developers so that you will be able to use them easily.

Some Freeware Audio Editing Tools

  1. Free Audio Editor
  2. Ocenaudio
  3. Wavepad
  4. Apple Garageband
  5. TwistedWave

Edit & Finalize

A storyline consists of a multiple-episode, so keeping a short clip of some audio is a good strategy, which you need most in your daily episodes.

Once you have done all the above steps then you can finalize the episode and launch it on your own or various websites.

Free Podcast submission sites

  1. player[dot]fm
  2. blubrry[dot]com
  3. audioboom[dot]com
  4. ivoox[dot]com
  5. spreaker[dot]com
  6. podbean[dot]com
  7. soundcloud[dot]com

Where to buy Hosting and Domains for yourself?

A personal platform is a good option, if you already have some listeners, even if it is a small band.

This does not mean that we cannot create our site for starters. There are many websites from which you can create a website for yourself, although some podcast hosting sites also provide a website with plans like Buzzsprout.

Let’s know: Create Free Website for Personal Use

Where to get media hosting?

Both media hosting and web hosting are different, do not make the mistake of mixing them, but yes it is true that even on web hosting, we can keep some videos and audio. But to save a large number of videos and audios, hosting media proves to be more effective.

Popular Media Hosting sites

  1. Podbean
  2. BuzzSprout
  3. Blubrry
  4. Transistor
  5. SoundCloud

Closing Word

This podcast guide helps you to become a good podcaster without any mistakes. If there is anything important left, do not forget to comment. We will consider revising the post after discussion.

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