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Summer vacations of 2024 have almost arrived and like other times, it’s pretty hot this year… We want to visit rather cold places in summer. But the more green a land is, the more cold it is. So if you’re confused about where you should be visiting this summer, well, there are tons of places you can. But they might not suit the adventurous personality of yours. 

I’m gonna be talking about the 5 places you can visit where you get to escape the scorching hot weather, do every kind of adventure that suits you and have the most memorable 2024 summer vacation of your life. You can get 10% off as well as the cheapest economy flights to these places with Qatar Airways promo code offers, but you must book earlier as the prices are going to leap in vacations.


One of the best places to visit and the most worthwhile one is Vancouver…not only is that city cold but there’s just everything you can get here. First of all, it’s 12C here, which means it’s a part of the world that is way colder while other parts are burning with summer. 

So you won’t have any worries of the summer here. But wait, not only that place has natural places like mountains, beaches and forests. It’s a big vibrant and modern city.
You can have the best of both worlds, to connect with nature as well as enjoying the rich culture of city. 

There’s a crystal clear sea and a bridge which connects the forest part to the city part. 

  • You’ll be getting the seafood and cuisine you’ll always miss. 
  • You can dive deep into the culture
  • You can camp in the national park and have adventures. 
  • Have amazing fun on the beaches. 
  • Go to the mountains. 
  • Check out the mixed culture here. 

There’s just so much to do in this city. So it suits every kind of personality, the adventurer, the city life lover, the nature lover, the food lover, and whatever you are. Visit Vancouver this year to have extraordinary experiences. 

Queenstown, New Zealand

This one is another incredible place where you can truly enjoy your summer in 2024. I mean, it’s even more beautiful than you think. Queenstown is a small town with houses and the rest of the place is filled with jaw-dropping and heavenly nature that is just beyond beautiful. 

There are amazing mountains where everything is green. If you want to escape the city life, this is the place. Then this place is surrounded all by nature, the sea, and mountains. You can camp here, you can enjoy the local foods and culture. You can visit the glacier and icy mountains. You can go hiking, and have fun skiing and cycling. 

Queenstown Skyline

This is an adventurous ride that will take you above 450m from land and let you travel so you can see the beauty of nature from above. This is way adventurous…as you’ll get to see the entire town very easily. So if you are an adventurous guy who wants to connect deeply to nature, this place should be on your list. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re in the mood to connect to history and have fun going to a place filled with historical sites…then this is your place. It’s not cold in summer and will be hot but beaches and other places are truly going to be fun. 

There are beautiful stones and mountains with clear blue diamonds like clean water and the seaside corner where you can have complete fun swimming. Other than that it’s a historical city with old heritage buildings and streets that’ll take you back in time. 

You’ll find museums here and the wall built of stones which was completed in the 16th century. See? It’s full of history and that’s why it should be on your list to visit!

Bali, Indonesia

I think this place needs no introduction as too many people visit these Islands throughout the year. There are lush Islands and places, especially for giving a romantic vibe and that’s why it’s way popular among honeymooners in summer. The places? 

It’s a place of nature and the escape of the city. Plus, it has got temples, beaches, seafood, shops, a forest, parks, and a beautiful seaside. 

Here’s the best part about it. This place is way cheaper than you think. You can have the cheapest accommodation and food here. If you are on a budget, you can survive pretty easily here. 

Furano, Japan

This city is in the Hokkaido part of Japan and one of the most highlighted parts here is the colorful fields. 

There are fields with different colours that feel like a rainbow. It’s a stunning town with houses surrounded by the miracle of nature including mountains and vast green lands which is the best place to go hiking and have tremendous fun. 

If you are thinking of going to new places and connecting to a new culture. This place is your choice. 

Wrap Up

So different places have different fun. If you want to have fun in nature as well as city life, Vancouver is the choice or you can visit the other places to forget about city life a little bit. 

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