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Leh and Ladakh – The Ultimate Travel Guide

Ladakh, the largest union territory of India that covers around 59,146 sq. km of area is also one of the highest regions of the world. The higher the region, the less populous it becomes. Even if it’s barren because of its extreme climate, it doesn’t stop Ladakh from spreading its mesmerizing beauty and love to its visitors. 

With gigantic mountains, silver glaciers, lovely villages, and captivating valleys,  Leh Ladakh is full of breathtaking destinations that will imprint its memory deep into your heart. 

Forget about visiting, just by hearing its name, a cool breeze will prickle your skin, lush grasslands, and mountains will capture your thoughts and glaciers and rivers will let your mind flow along with it. 

Why just imagine its beauty? When you can witness it and let it sink deep into your heart. So, pack up your bags. From finding the right route, transportation, amazing Ladakh tourist places to finalizing the best month to visit Ladakh, we will guide you on a thrilling Ladakh road trip. 

How To Reach 

To explore, travel, shop or even dig into the authentic food of your destination place, you have to reach there. Being in the highest region, it is often a problem with finding the best route. But no more. We are here to help you in taking the best route and not let you compromise with your trip.

You may imagine the bikers when it comes to Ladakh. But, that’s not the only way to reach there. You can choose either airways or roadways. 

Taking a flight will only take you around a couple of hours, and you will be boarding from Delhi and landing in Leh city. This will be the best option if you want to save time.

However ,taking a flight will make you dig deep into your pockets. If you are fine with that as well, then head over to the airport. If not, don’t worry, you still have an option left.

Traveling roadways you can opt for either bus or taxi. Taxis can be comparatively expensive but will save time. Taking the bus will take hours and sometimes also overnight. So, if you want to let the mesmerizing beauty of valleys and mountains hypnotize your mind throughout your trip, then read further to find out the best route to Ladakh. 

By bus, you can reach Ladakh either from Manali or Srinagar. However, the road from Manali to Leh is considered to be a difficult one to travel. If challenges give you an adrenaline rush, then you should consider it, where you will pass through Rohtang, Suraj Tal, Baralacha Pass and many beautiful villages that will leave you speechless. 

Another route to take is from Srinagar to Leh. This route will let you through Kargil.

However, buses have fixed schedules. Don’t forget that. Leh and Ladakh- The Ultimate Travel Guide


Once you have reached the mind-captivating land of Ladakh city, how will you cover the rest of the trip? Walk? Not a good choice, unless you are an avid walker.

Here are some of the ways you can commute throughout your Ladakh trip


If you like to have the company of people belonging to different places, then step on the bus. And guess what, the journey will be fun and comfortable and above that, it won’t make you dig a hole into your pockets. However, you need to stick to the bus schedules so that you don’t miss them. Leh and Ladakh- The Ultimate Travel Guide


If you are not a fan of being around too many people and prefer a small group of people, then taking a shared cab will be the best option for you. Only if you don’t mind spending a bit for it as it can be a bit expensive.


You prefer to travel in your vehicle? Then bring it on. But you have to arrange and have enough backup for your fuel before you go to any remote areas. Finding petrol pumps in remote areas won’t be easy. 


If you live far far away from Ladakh, bringing your bike or car to Ladakh road trip can empty your wallet before you even reach there. Ladakh city cares for your budget. Ladakh road trip offers you to rent cars or bikes to commute. Depending on your bargaining skills, you can close the best deals. 

Ladakh Tourist Places

You are ready with your baggage and have selected your commuting transportation. Waiting, waiting and waiting thinking about where to go. Mountains and valleys are often a go to Ladakh tourist places for visitors. Don’t limit your Ladakh trip list to just mountains. Here are the top 5 places that you can start your Ladakh trip with. 

Leh Palace

Visiting Ladakh and not going to Leh palace will be a regretful choice. Leh Palace, located at the top of a hill, is one of the finest examples of medieval Tibetan architecture. The palace is a perfect blend of stones, woods, sand and mud. 

The interiors are filled with historical things and the murals take you back in history. Palace wraps you up in warmth in winter and will soothe you with its cold in summer. You can also witness the beauty of surrounding mountains and valleys. Leh and Ladakh- The Ultimate Travel Guide

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes? In the middle of a cold region that should be filled with snow? That’s Ladakh for you, which not only covers you with silver glaciers but also has desert and camels to ride in your journey. 

This cold desert of Ladakh is located in Nubra valley, which showcases its sand dunes and mountains.


What if I tell you that you can see LOC? Did it send chills down your spine? The place that you will be going to isn’t a typical image that you may have in your mind. Turtuk is the closest and the only village near LOC that allows visitors. 

From wastelands to grasslands, and shining water flowing in the river, Turtuk gulps you into its beauty. 

Pangong Tso Lake 

The essence of Pangong Tso Lake was captured in “3 Idiots”, which made it a popular destination. 

It is known for its changing shades of sky that you won’t resist but capture every moment. 

Hemis Monastery 

Is there something else other than mountains in Ladakh? Of course.

Ladakh isn’t just about mountains. Hemis monastery is the biggest monastery in the location of Ladakh. A fine architecture that you can get lost within. The walls are wrapped up in beautiful paintings of Buddha. You will be welcomed with a rare collection of murals, Buddhist scriptures, stupas and many more. 

If you happen to visit during the Hemis festival in June, you will witness masked dance performances and let the traditional music seep to your heart. 

Foods To Try in Ladakh 

You can’t end your Ladakh trip without having a taste of its delicacies. Food is not only to fill you up, and boost your energy but also to connect with the mind and souls of locals. 

Flavours of food always tingle the taste buds. But no delicacies of fancy restaurants can beat the local foods. 

Here are some local foods that you must try before your trips come to an end. 


Spicy soup filled with veggies, minced meat and noodles that are made of wheat or rice flour. It is one of the most loved and staple dishes of Ladakh cuisine. You are provided with a variety of soup options and ingredients that you can use to spice up your soup. 


Momos can be found in most parts of India. Momo is also one of the popular dishes Ladakh.  You can have momos filled with minced meat or veggies, whatever you feel like eating. It is served steamed or fried with savoury sauces.


Breakfast, lunch or dinner, a dish that can go all around the clock is Tingmo. This soft steamed bun made with wheat flour is a staple delicacy of Ladakh. 

Butter Tea 

Chai has become an integral part of Indians’ lives. It is more like a necessity. That’s what butter tea is for the locals of Ladakh city. It is served on almost all important occasions. Butter Tea is not only warms you up but also keeps you hydrated in the cold weather. It is prepared by adding butter, milk and salt to the boiling tea leaves. 

Best Month to Visit Ladakh

Ladakh mountains have extremely low temperatures. By visiting at the wrong time you will end up curled under layers of blankets. So, selecting the best month to visit Ladakh is crucial to avoid compromising with fun and enjoyment.  Visit Ladakh in April-June when the temperature is slightly warmer and don’t miss the Hemis festival in June.  Or let Ladakh city take you into its arms of scenery by visiting between September-October. 


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