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What is Network ।। Type and Function of Network


Whenever two or more individuals and equipment are connected for any purpose, it is called a network. Like they want to exchange data or they want to communicate. The network connection can be wired or wireless. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are great examples of easy wireless connections. 

A computer network is when two or more computers exchange data and share resources. They follow some rules for the communication process and transmit information via physical or wireless technologies. 

Function of Networks 

By sharing information, computer networks are used to do various activities. Networks are used for different purposes, including: 

  1. Using email, video, instant messaging, and other mediums for communication
  2. Sharing devices such printers, scanners, and copiers on the network with other computers.
  3. Exchange of files
  4. Sharing operating systems and software on remote computers
  5. Permitting network users to access and retain information easily

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Type of Network:

Commonly it was divided into 6 parts. Let’s start to know each one by one:

1: Local Area Network (LAN) 

LAN connects a group of computers, printers, and other equipment to share information and resources at a short distance within a building or a group of about two or three buildings. Colleges, hospitals, and businesses usually manage and maintain LAN. Using the router, LAN may connect to the extensive area network. 

lan network

2: Wide Area Network (WAN) 

WAN allows computers and other devices to be remotely connected over one large network to communicate even when they’re miles away. It connects all computers together around the world. The Internet is the basic example of a WAN. A WAN is often owned and maintained by several administrators or the general public due to its extensive reach. 

wan network 

3: Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) 

These types of networks are larger than LANs but smaller than WANs. MAN covers a large geographic region, usually a town or metropolis, but occasionally a campus. Ownership and maintenance are handled by a single person or company. 

man network 

4: Personal Area Network (PAN) 

PAN is centered on a single individual in a building and includes a wireless modem, one or more computers, phones, printers, tablets, etc. These networks are generally found in small workplaces or homes and are operated from a single device by one person or organization. 

pan network 

5: Campus Area Network (CAN) 

These networks, which are bigger than LANs but smaller than MANs, are often found in colleges, big schools, or small companies. Users can share resources if distributed across several buildings relatively close to one another. 

can network


6: Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

A VPN allows users to send and receive data as though their devices are connected to the private network, even when they are not, by extending a private network across the Internet. A virtual point-to-point connection enables users to access a private network remotely. 

van network


Final Word:

In the above blog, we described networks and their types. Hope, after reading this article you have no doubt related network and its type. If you have any doubts or want additional information, please drop a message below. 

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