web hosting sites

web hosting sites

We all know that multiple web hosting providers available and it became a hard task to choose the right platform without knowing every web hosting service provider. If you are looking for the best hosting solution for your website, I will help you. Here I will let you know top suggesting web hosting provides to host the website. So keep read and find the platform to host your website.

What is hosing And Why It Is Important?

Web hosting is a service that provides a facility to safely store the personal website on the server so that users can easily view website details on the internet. Users always need the best web hosting platform to present their website on the web all the time.

Using hosting users store their website on the webserver. When the requester search website by using the URL on the browser, the web server accepts the request and sent the copy of the website to the requestor computer so that the requestor can view the website.

Type of Hosting

  1. Shared Web Hosting: Many websites are hosted on a physical server in shared hosting. A shared server allows all these websites to use web space and resources like CPU, RAM together resulting in the cost of this hosting type being lower than both other types of hosting. For starters, shared hosting can be the right option for you as there is not much traffic on the website at the start.
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS): VPS hosting uses virtualization technology, under which a physical server is split into several different virtual servers, and only that user has access to that part. As a result, despite being on the same server, the rest of the websites are unable to use the webspace and resources of your part. In VPS hosting, a website gets more computing power, space, and bandwidth than shared hosting, due to which the response time of the website is much higher here.
  3. Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated server hosting gives you complete control over your server, where you are given root access for management. There is only one user control on the entire server and this server is completely restricted to anyone else, so the security in this dedicated hosting is of the highest level. If you have a lot of databases and a lot of traffic is coming to your website, then dedicated hosting can prove to be an ideal option for you.
  4. Cloud Web Hosting: Currently cloud hosting is considered to be the best option for the users as there is no possibility of downtime. Here many servers host your website together. High volume traffic here does not affect website landing speed. If a cloud server is unable to provide services due to any reason, then all the traffic of your website is automatically sent to another cloud server, which eliminates the possibility of downtime.

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Top Hosting Service Providers to Host The Website


BlueHost is a leading, popular, and highly recommended platform for web hosting. It always tries to provide the best service so that users can maintain their website with full accuracy.  That’s why most of the users like to purchase different packages of web hosting from BlueHost. If it is your startup business, then Shared Hosting of BlueHost can much tremendous for you.

Bluehost customer care is ready to provide 24 * 7 technical support if you need any assistance. It also offers multiple advanced features for users so that users can easily optimize their website and performance. Plus point of the Bluehost is that it always keeps uptime users’ website so that anyone easily visits your site and get an accurate result.

Top Features

  1. Offers free SSL Certificate and Domain
  2. Highly recommended by WordPress Website
  3. Always provides phone and tech support
  4. Provides the best uptime and ultra-fast speed
  5. Offers Unlimited Disk Storage & Bandwidth
  6. 30 days money-back guarantee


HostGator is a recognized web hosting service provider that helps to made website hosting much, easy and secure. Here users can easily host their website at an affordable price. Its reliability, speed, and excellent technical support make it always remain on the top among users. It deeply updates all information in an extensive list of how-to guides for technical support.

Apart from that, if you need any other help then you can turn for Tech Support. Here users can choose Shared, WordPress, Cloud, or VPS hosting as per your requirement. It also offers multiple advance options that make the hosting facility much effective with 99.98% uptime.

Top Features

  1. Provides free Domain and SSL Certificate
  2. Facilitates Good Hosting Speed & Uptime
  3. Offers best technical support
  4. Provides Free Migration, SSL, Backup
  5. Offers Unmetered Space And Bandwidth
  6. 45 days money-back guarantee


Hostinger is the best web hosting service provider that offers easy-to-use, fast, and reliable web hosting services. The server of Hostinger helps to quickly respond to customer need, moreover it speedily open users website. It provides 1-year free domain name on premium and business hosting packages. With this users can take the backup of the database, as well as users, can also take backup of the entire database on demand. It offers hPanal which is much easy to use. Hostinger offers 24* 7 live chat support so that anyone can easily resolve their problems.

Top Features

  1. Facilitates High-speed performance
  2. Delivers free SSL certificate and domain
  3. 24/7/365 Tech Support
  4. Also, a 30-day money-back guarantee available
  5. Provides users with unlimited bandwidth and storage
  6. No needs to pay for backup

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If you are decided to host your website then you can go for the best-performing brand GreenGeeks. It is much popular in the web hosting and WordPress hosting industry. GreenGeeks provides high-quality and accurate web hosting so that users can quickly work on it. It offers higher security, a free Content delivery network (CDN), free site migration, and other advanced facilities. Its average load time & response time is much better than other hosting providers. It also provides an SSL Certificate without pay any charges.

Along with this, it also provides a free domain name for 1st year. The best thing is here that it automatically takes backup of your database and when users suffer from any issue, users can get the latest available account backup.

Top Features

  1. Free Domain and SSL certificate available
  2. Provides unlimited Website space
  3. Offers unlimited bandwidth and storage
  4. Tech support is also available
  5. 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  6. Offers website designing facility
  7. Performs Good load time and uptime


GoDaddy is a professional domain registrar and web hosting platform and millions of users are trusted on it. It’s ultrafast loading, quick response, and 99.9% uptime feature make users trust this GoDaddy hosting provider very much. It is much easy to use as well also offers a feature-rich canal. Plus, GoDaddy provides multiple packages, users can choose one plan as per requirement or try a free domain with an annual plan. GoDaddy also facilitates users to contact tech supporter using contact number and live chat if need any help.

Top Features

  1. Provides good load time and uptime
  2. Offers cPanel and website builder access
  3. Facilitates multiple additional services
  4. Much secure to use
  5. Provides best tech support
  6. 30-day money-back guarantee

Closing Statement

The web hosting provider mentioned above is included in five better web hosting providers list due to its unique features and high quality. If you are looking for the hosting of your website, then from the information given here, you will be able to take an easy decision.

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