Do you want to share your thoughts with everyone, but do not know where and how to start due to lack of information? In such a situation, users open the laptop/computer and search – “Best blogging platform”, “How to publish my first website?” Free blogging site “etc. and this is a common thing.

Here I will inform you about five top-rated blogging platforms where you can share your thoughts through articles or create a free platform for yourself.

Difference between Platform(+)Blogging & only Blogging

When it comes to publishing personal blogs, users have two methods and the question will be just what technology do you want to adopt?

Direct Method: Here you can post your article directly on various blog submissions, article submissions, guest posting sites, such as Medium, LinkedIn, Blogger, MaddMingle, etc. for which you do not have to pay any money. This is the fastest way to reach millions of people as quickly as possible. Here you have no technical knowledge to post your thoughts. But here you have to follow all the terms of that website to post your creative ideas.

Technical Method: First of all you have to create your personal site to post your article, which is quite easy and with some technical knowledge you can create a good website for yourself. Word Press, Winks, etc. offer to make such free websites. The advantage here will be that it will become your website forever and at the same time, you will have complete control over your site.

Best Recommending Blogging Platform for Bloggers is the first chosen profile for blogging that was developed in 2005. WordPress offers you both hosting and a website building tool to work on it. This is the right platform for buggier to design pages and publish their thoughts. It is much easy to use than

It also comes with free services as well as it also provides free hosing, with 3 GB space. Here you can create your site name but will also be added to your chosen name. In free service, you cannot add an eCommerce feature and you also can not add your own ads.

Visit: WordPress

To breaks limitation and use other advanced feature you have to subscribe to its plans, like-Personal – $48 per year

  1. Premium – $96 per year
  2. Business – $300 per year
  3. eCommerce – $540 per year
  4. VIP – starting at $5000 per month Pros

  1. Provides multiple advanced features and an easy work environment so that users can easily work on it.
  2. Don’t need to take worry about update and backup.
  3. It offers multiple plans so you can choose any plan as per your requirement.

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Blogger is also a blog posting platform developed by Pyra Labs but in 2003 It is purchased by Google. This is the best free blogging place where you can swiftly post your article after creating your account. For beginner and personal blogging this is a good place but for profession is not a recommended platform. To give effective structure in blogs it provides different types of themes and layouts.

Visit: Blogger

Blogger Pros

  1. The user interface of Blogger is much intuitive so here setting up your article is simple.
  2. Don’t require any technical knowledge to post the article on it.
  3. Provides your page status so that you can easily track your page details like- blog comments, page visitors, page followers, etc.


Wix is one of the popular platforms to create your own website and share your knowledge on it. This professional platform was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan.  If this is your startup then you should go with this platform. It provides multiple attractive templates to ease your work. It provided a drag and drop facility so you can easily and quickly design an attractive website for yourself.

Visit: Wix

Using its free plan can create and live your website like- In the free plan, you can choose a free template with a 500 MB store, and 1 GB bandwidth. If you want to remove limitations, go for its Website plan and Business & e-Commerce plan.

Wix Pros

  1. Perfect place to design simple and powerful blogging sites without hardship.
  2. Provide ultimate effective features and 500+ templates to quickly design and launch your site.
  3. No requirement for any coding skills to design templates.
  4. 14 days trial period also available before purchase paid plans.


Medium is a trusted online publishing article platform developed by Evan Williams in 2012. If you want to find more traffic on your Post them Medium is a genuine environment. Here you cannot use any personal domain because here users created their account and started to publish our articles as well as its profile name looks like a ( It looks just like any social networking site because millions of users daily visit this platform to improve their knowledge and know new things.

Visit: Medium

Medium Pros

  1. Provides an easy user interface so that users can quickly create accounts & post articles as well as find new ideas.
  2. No need for any technical knowledge & and coding skill to work on it.
  3. Provides predesign averment so here you don’t need to design any website.


Weebly is another trending web designing & blogging platform just like a Wix. Here you can also easily & quickly build a professional website to start your business. Here you can select different any predesigned template and started to design your page. Using the drag and drop facility you can use its multiple pre-created options and crate your blogging website, like- Gallery, text box, section, slide show, divider, button, etc.

Visit: Weebly

To use the advanced feature and break free site restriction, go for its paid plan, such as:-

  1. Personal Plan – $6 per month
  2. Professional- $12 per month
  3. Performance -$ 26 per month

Weebly Pros

  1. Easy to work on it than Wix and other sites, like- Ghost Joomla Substack, etc.
  2. Provides effective and responsive themes to design the website.
  3. Offers multiple advanced features that help to create a professional website.
  4. Provide facility to sell anytime, anywhere with Weebly + Square

Alternatives websites

  1. Steemit[dot]com
  2. Google site
  3. Growthhackers[dot]com
  4. Inforgram[dot]com

Closing Statement

This post will help any enthusiastic user to write and publish their blogs on these creative websites. All the listing blogging platforms are completely safe and friendly for the beginner user and it is also the best way to become a professional blogger.


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