affliate marketing banner-2-min

affliate marketing banner-2-min

For everyone it is like a journey, getting up in the morning, going to the office, then returning home in the evening, waiting for monthly income. There is no side income, no progress, it is quite disappointing.

In such a situation, affiliate marketing is a very good decision to increase income or earn money sitting at home. Many people are making a lot of money just by doing affiliate marketing, for this, you just have to show a little effort.

Talking about affiliate marketing, a place where you target the user who needs that product and brings it to your online market. When the product is sold, the owner of that product pays you some commission.

In short – selling other people’s products on social sites, blogs, or own website and earning some percentage of it.

Here you have to make neither product nor hire someone to manufacture it means no financial problem – zero investment.

Now a question may be hitting on your forehead – How? – How can we step into affiliate marketing?

Let’s see –

How many parts in Affiliate Marketing?

If we create the basic structure of affiliate marketing in a circle then according to Wikipedia, it is four parts and according to others, there are three parts.

affiliate marketing

Merchant – By its name you can know that the merchant can be an owner, builder, or seller or all like – a software company that makes its own products and sells in the online market and makes good money.

Network – In machine language, Network means digital interconnection. But in Affiliate Marketing means the source between Merchant and Affiliate where many products can be launched in the market simultaneously. The best example of affiliate networking is – Amazon, whereby many affiliate marketers make a profit by picking up and selling the product in their own way.

Publisher – In the affiliate marketing equation, the publisher and affiliate are the same, which can be single or company-wise, as well as an affiliate, may have more than one product. They target the potential person and explain how this product can benefit them and persuade them to buy it. Once a user purchases it with consent, the publisher gets a piece of that product’s revenue.

Advertisement – The term advertisement is related to the promotion where a merchant or owner earns money by promoting their company or product. There are many mediums of advertisement such as PPC. This is a very good strategy of affiliate marketing that can help you in getting targeted users.

How to become an affiliate marketer without investment?

Now we have come to an important part of the post, where we will understand how to make a good profit by becoming an affiliate marketer. For starters, it is necessary to first choose the appropriate product so that consumers can benefit from our product. After that, we should also get a good commission on that which depends on the mutual agreement between you and the provider then preparing the platform for that, and finally top-notch content.

It was a quick chat to become an affiliate marketer, now knowing about it in detail.

Choose Product & Merchant

For this first step, we have to decide the product we want to sell and we have to know a little bit and then decide which product we will get from which provider. However, nowadays many affiliate markets place such as Amazon, RazerPay, Shopify, etc. are mostly encouraging people from where you can choose your product or become an affiliate partner.

Now it comes to mind that how we will find the product which is involved in the search of people nowadays. For this, you can take the help of Google Trend, which will help you in making this decision.

Below you can see a trend of Track Suit

Track Suit

After selecting Merchandise, we should also look at its related keywords so that we can get our blog, post or website ranked up on Google SERP first and users can click on it and buy it.

Check keyword search of Track Suit on Moz Keyword Explorer

keyword research


There are various keywords searching website or tool for free that helps you to find relevant keywords such as Ubersuggest, Google search tool, Ahrefs keyword explorer, etc.

Research & Built a Platform

When you decide which product you want to use in affiliate marketing, you can finish it off with some research and find out how many ways/platforms to promote your product, Who makes a good piece of the commission.

In the next phase, we have to set a stage on how we want to market our affiliate program. For which we have three methods.

The first way is to create your own blog and publish on another website OR create your own website and publish your blogs on it as well as try to target all keywords.

To create your own free website, choose Google Site, BlogSpot, Wix and WordPress, etc which can help you to create a commercial site for free. For which you don’t even need to learn to code.

See an example of a Wix website for selling poetry books

poetry book

The second way is to create some posts or video reviews on different social sites like FB, YouTube, VK, Tumblr, Pinterest, Plurk, etc.

The last way is to run a paid advertisement on the same keyword.

After coming this far, you must have learned a lot about how to become an Affiliate Marketer.

The final step to becoming an affiliate marketer is to set top-notch content under your niche.

Let’s know : Where you can find Free Blogging Platform?

Write Content for Affiliate Marketing

“Content is king” This is the right line if you know how to present an affiliate program in the online market. Because whether you write a blog or a review of a product, you will have to prepare its content. So that the user can know what you are presenting and is this what he was looking for.

Write content keeping in mind that you are the person who is looking for the product and how you will search the product. This will help you more in the keyword target, for the rest you can take the help of Google-trends.

Closing Word

Finally, I want to recap the whole post again so that you can understand the steps firmly.

  1. First of all, you need to find an affiliate product or program.
  2. Second, do some product searches like read some relevant posts, find stages to promote, etc.
  3. Third, create a platform
  4. At Last, fill in with your outstanding content and affiliate link.

Now you must have fully understood the question of how to become an affiliate marketer. If you are interested in more information or have any questions, then comment.

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