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Top Rated 5 Backlink Checker Tool (Free and Paid) 

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Users have to create the best quality backlinks to increase our website ranking and get more visibility in SEPR (Search Engine Page Result). Creating good quality backlinks is one of the most important ranking factors.

For this, users visit various backlink checker sites and try to find different backlinks to top-ranking websites. It helps in finding good quick backlink giving sites so that users can work on them easily and quickly increase traffic to their website.

Two types of backlink check sites are available. Here I will discuss the top 5 rated backlink checker websites, using which users can analyze their website and other competing websites. Let’s start,

Best And Trusted Backlink Analyzer Tool

(A) Ahrefs: This is the most popular and highly recommend tool among professionals to track backlinks and keywords. It comes with free and paid services. The free account enables users to view the top 100 backlinks of the analyzed websites. It also helps users to view domain authority, the total number of backlinks, total numbers of referring domains other details. If you use its paid service that you can analyze websites in depth.


Ahrefs recently launched with multiples new features, like a keyword research tool, etc. The best thing is here that users can daily check the unlimited site of backlinks without any interruption. Here uses can filter data using different given options. It also represents new, broken, and lost links of sites. Ahrefs offers users to view estimated organic traffic for each linking page and referenced domain. Here you can export analyzed reports in CSV or PDF formats. To use complete features you can start the full version with only $7 for 7 days.

(B) Moz: Moz is a powerful and trusted platform to check backlinks. This is one of the first tools that let users check the site’s backlinks. Here users can analyze any site with 3 techniques (root domain, subdomain, and exact page). Moz helps to analyze backlinks, most valuable pages, linking domains, and anchor text so that users can get accurate results and quickly visit on top in search engine. Here users can compare their links with other competitor sites.


Moz also enables users to view and maintain the inbound links, linking domains, anchor text, top pages, discover & lost links, and other things. Here users can separately download the Follow links, Linking Domains details, Follow Linking Domains, and Top Pages links.

To get complete information and use other given features start with 30 days trial period after that you have you pay $149 per month.

(C) SEMrush: SEMrush is an incredible and highly using SEO tool by users. Using SEMrush users can quickly analyze and maintain competitor’s websites. It helps users to get good quality links of committers. Here users can compare your website with other competitors and find where is the actual gap. Here you can also know who your competitors are. Here you can also use advanced data filter options. Moreover, it also provides the facility to refine links using Do-Follow, Follow, sponsored, and UGC options.


Features of SEMrush:-

  1. Provides amazing keywords for both SEO and PPC campaigns
  2. This tool helps in increasing organic traffic growth.
  3. It also provides amazing keyword research tools so that users can quickly increase traffic.
  4. Easily tracks new backlinks on competitor sites.

Users can download complete competitor links to work offline mode in CSV and EXCEL format. You can start with free 7 days free trial and after that, you have to pay changes as per your plan subscription.

(D) NEIL PATEL: This is a handful of features specifically designed for generating high-level backlink reports of your and your competitor’s website. NEIL PATEL enables users to swiftly build new links and boost ranking. It also provides domain authority, backlinks, referring domains, and organic monthly traffic details. Here you can find all that link on those you were not working at present.


The NAILPATEL provides an advanced link filtering option that offers users to easily find good quality backlinks. Here you can also filter data by Follow and on follow options.

Here you can export backlinks details in CSV format so that you can work on it in Offline mode. The free trial helps to export the top 100 links of analyzed websites. To download complete links and use other advanced options, you can subscribe to its plan as per your need.

(E) Open Link Profiler:- This is an awesome solution to tacks the report of your and competitor sites. This is a full-featured SEO tool that helps users to increase traffic and rankings on search engines. This is one of the great tools for site owners who are serious about their SEO efforts. Like all, users have to fill the domain name in the search box and hit on the Get Backlink data. Multiple advanced filter options help to get a responsive result. It generates top rated and most recent links of websites on the top.


It enables users to view backlines, link disinfection, anchor text, pages, domain, LIS Distribution, subdomain, link Age, and other details. Here users can also export links in CSV format. For a better experience of Open Link Profiler, you can purchase the different plans.

Other Tools: Apart from this I will also share with you top-rated tools that will help you to increase traffic on your site.  The tools names are updated below:-Majestic SEO

  1. Rank Signals
  2. Backlink Watch
  3. SEO Spyglass
  4. Kerboo
  5. Link Miner
  6. Ubersuggest

Wrapping It Up

Here I pointed some fastest, finest, and most trusted backlink checker tools that will help you to quickly analyze & your competitor websites and find top-quality backlinks. I hope this article much helpful for you to increase traffic on your website.

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