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How to Build a Truly Anonymous Website for the Business Sites?


Do you want to have an anonymous website made? Some drug addicts may need to create a website anonymously to cover their sequestration and new security. Custom WordPress Development Services show you how to smoothly create a truly anonymous website. We’ll also talk about how to monitor your identity online.

Why is Build an anonymous business website?

An anonymous website hides the identity of who runs or owns a particular website. Custom WordPress Development Services Whistleblowers trying to expose corruption, intelligence agencies under authoritarian governments, and Citizen Watchdog groups.

What do you require to build an anonymous business website?

You need the following details to create an introductory anonymous website.

Bought a sphere name and hosting anonymously, a separately translated shipping account, and a secure and reliable VPN service Now let’s explain why you need those effects.

First, you need to create a new separate shipping account. You use that account to manage your website. Custom WordPress Development Company To remain anonymous, we recommend creating a sending account using sequestration-focused sending services such as Proton Mail. Next, you need to hide your IP address. We recommend using IPVanish.

After creating a sending account and enabling the VPN on your computer, you can go ahead and purchase a hosting plan. usually, you can just go to one of the best hosting companies and get a website up and running in no time.

Yet many of these companies have credit card information. This means that your specific information is stored and can be traced back to you.

Buy domain name & hosting anonymously

First, you need to make sure you have VPN enabled when working on your anonymous website.

Click to choose the plan you want to purchase and also go to the payment section. WordPress Development Services From then on, you must first pass on the anonymous transmission you made earlier. After that, you need to choose “Coingate” as the payment system and also click on the “Send Secure Payment” button.

First, you need to choose a cryptocurrency you want to pay with and click on Continue. Next, you need to enter your anonymous shipping address and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

On the coming screen, you will see the QR law to make the payment through your Bitcoin wallet app. You can also pay manually by transferring the amount to the Bitcoin wallet address listed on the screen.

Upon completion of the sale, you will be redirected back to the Hostinger website. You accept a message from Hostinger with a link to log in to the hosting control panel. WordPress Website Development Services Once you log into your hosting account control panel, you will see an announcement to claim your free sphere name.

During bol registration, ICANN requires website owners to provide their specific information, such as name, address, shipping, and phone number.

You must provide at least the shipping address you created earlier so that you can be reached for verification. wordpress service provider You may also see an option to enable bulb storage during enrollment. This point hides all the information you give during the sphere registration for WHOIS quests. Anyone who checks will see Hostinger’s substitute word.

Install WordPress to create your anonymous Business website

Now that you’ve completed the sphere name and hosting setup, it’s time to install WordPress. Hostinger allows you to create a WordPress website fluently. Click the “Manage” button next to your URL under the hosting panel.

WordPress Design And Development Services

This will take you to your reverse dashboard. From then on, you need to visit the Website » bus Installer page and also click on the ‘Select’ button under the WordPress business site.

After that, you will see your new website options under the Hostinger control panel. From then on, you must first click on the ‘Install’ button next to the ‘SSL Certificate’ option.

After that, you need to click on the switch next to the ‘Force HTTPs’ option. Custom WordPress Development Services SSL allows your website to use secure HTTP. Using it improves your WordPress security by cracking all things to and from your website.

Having an SSL instrument is also a factor in ranking well in search machines and is part of a solid website SEO plan. Finally, click the “Edit Website” button to launch and edit your new WordPress website.

Work anonymously on your WordPress Business site

By design, WordPress is attack-oriented software, to the extent that you can choose what information to put on your site. First, you can visit the drug addict profile page and choose a nickname for your website admin or author.

To save the change click update profile. Next, you need to decide if you want to allow junkies to annotate posts and pages on your site.

Just go to Settings’ Thread to set up a comment. Uncheck all options under “No post saving settings” to disable comments, feedback, and feedback.


We hope you like this blog. Custom WordPress Development Services These are all about building a Truly Anonymous Website for Business Sites. If you are looking for Custom Web Application Development services and want to create the building a Truly Anonymous Website for business then contact 8therate.

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